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We leverage the internet for business growth.
One line of code and one pixel at a time.


In the new age of tech, there’s a steeper hill to climb to build brands with distracted, technology-empowered consumers.

Companies must shift from traditional marketing and create resonant brand experiences.

E4 creates a more connected and customer-centric brand experience via strategic online development.


It started in Canada by founder and CEO Franco Frenette in 1999. Today, the company has expanded its reach from North America to Asia and the rest of the world.

Our clients range from the smallest budding entrepreneurs to the biggest multinational corporations across multiple industries. This has allowed the company to accumulate a vast array of skills and expertise.

Because of this, we feel confident in being able to do absolutely anything online. It may seem like arrogance but it’s really confidence based on getting things done every-time; challenge us and see for yourself.

We offer personalised full-cycle servicing that covers every aspect of web & app development, marketing and business support services.

You’ll be working with highly skilled and experienced professionals, who have been hand-picked for their expertise in the areas in which they will help your business grow inline with your online goals & potential.




Meet e4’s Leadership

Franco Frenette

President & CEO

Franco is a highly experienced and knowledgeable online strategist. He is passionate about helping businesses grow using the internet.

He uses his two decades of experience in building businesses online to lead the e4 team to the successful completion of client projects.
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“I started e4WebSolutions because I believe that businesses and entrepreneurs are a keystone of society and that by helping entrepreneurs grow their business, we can positively impact society as a whole.

The internet offers unprecedented reach and opportunities for businesses that create the right online plan for their business and strategize the proper execution. 

After almost 2 decades of helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business through the web, I feel confident I can help yours also! Get in touch today and let’s take your business to a whole new level.”


4 Core Values of E4

We Always Get Things Done

You can count on us to get it DONE every time! No matter what.

We Love Our Clients

We treat clients as if they were our dear friends, because they are. Will you be our friend too?

Great Communication

We understand how crucial communication is. You will ALWAYS be able to reach us.

We Always Give Our Best

We treat each and every project as if it was our own. You’ll be in good hands.

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We offer straightforward solutions to the most complex of business challenges. Want to get your project up-and-running? Let us help you with that TODAY!

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