WP Page Previews & Screenshot Plugin

WordPress Page Previews & Screenshots Plugin

The ThumbnailsPro WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allows you to:

1) Put preview popup thumbnails to links within your blog posts / pages or throughout your whole WordPress site. It also allows you to specify to only have popup page previews on internal or external links or both. You can also turn this feature off.

2) Automatically insert screenshot / thumbnails within your blog posts and pages by clicking a new WYSIWYG button that gets added when you activate the plugin.

>>You can view the plugin used in action here.

Here are some demos:

A) This screenshot is added using the WYSIWYG button:

B) To view a demo of the popup previews:

Demo is available on this page.


-Automatically insert screenshots into blog posts and pages with various ThumbnailsPro api functions built-in
-Ability to show web page preview popups on links.
-Ability to choose from 2 styles of preview popups.
-Ability to choose where to display popups (page / posts only or site-wide or none at all)
-Ability to choose which link to show the popup for (external links only, internal links only or both)


New button added for the inserting screenshot thumbnails to blog posts:

After clicking on the button, you get this popup for the options:

Settings page:

>> Get the plugin here <<

Instruction videos:

Downloading & Installing WordPress Plugin:

Configuring the plugin:

More videos
You can see an intro video and see it being used in action over at this blog post.

A few words & feedback request

The biggest regret we have about this plugin is that we couldn’t make the service free for unlimited use, when we created this plugin, the free account limit was for 1,000 hits but we decided to increase the free limit to 10,000 hits to let as many people use this plugin for free as possible without taxing our servers too much with no additional revenue coming in to pay for more resources :)

For those that can justify the 9.90 or 19.90 for one of the pro accounts, it’s highly appreciated and you will also be supporting future development of the plugin by doing so!

Please let us know your comments below, if you find any bugs, would like to see any additional features added, etc.

>> Get the plugin here <<

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