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Our years of experience allow us to tackle your system administration challenges and ensure the smooth running of your web presence. Our proprietary technology gives you unprecedented hosting quality.

System Administration.

reliable web hostingIt’s perhaps the most important aspect of your online presence and often the most overlooked. It takes a special set of skills to ensure the proper implementation, monitoring and management  of servers and systems. It’s frequently a task that’s either dedicated to existing programmers or simply left up to the data center to handle.

This is a very bad idea. Programmers should be left to focus on what they do best – programming, and leaving system administration to your data center alone is a mistake that can be costly in the long run. That’s because they’re not close enough to your business to know what’s best for it – once there’s a hack or system failure, it’s too late to familiarize them.

It’s also costly because their fees are usually in the neighborhood of $120/hr or more, and since they’re not close to your business to begin with and you will be dealing with different administrators each time, it’ll take much longer to administer your servers when issues arise. Our fees are a fraction of this! You can choose between flat fee services or per hour work.

Dedicated server administrators are a great asset to have on your side. They will get to know your business and implement the systems that best complement the work your programmers are trying to accomplish. They will also monitor your systems for you and pro-actively address any issues before they become a bigger problem. There are also the everyday system maintenance and tasks that can be handled easily since the administrators are part of your system and know the environment they created.

Here’s part of the services we offer. In short we make sure you system run as best they can and make sure that your business stays online.

Optimization (to improve speed and/or security).
Daily checking of your servers.
Constant monitoring of all services on your server with email notifications of any service interruption.
Detailed analytics of your various service utilization.
24/7 Emergency support. Server down or some other emergency with your server? We’re just an email, IM or phone call away.
Any Maintenance, security or configuration changes and updates.
Pro-active troubleshooting when issues are spotted.
Debugging server issues. We’ll find what’s wrong.
Hardening / Speeding / tightening of server and systems.
Backup system configuration / optimization and maintenance.
Restarting services / Rebooting server (by contacting data center if necessary).
Installing / Updating firewalls.
System Audits & Consultation.

Our approach is preventive but also pro-active. Why? Because we realize that as much precaution as you take, it’s impossible to prevent some security breaches and certain incidents to occur. For that reason, we prefer to be fully prepared for the “what if” scenarios. Be wary of administrators that make you believe they can prevent anything bad from ever happening to your systems – you can bet they’ll be gone before you know it when problems arise, because they won’t be ready for them.

Over the years we’ve developed some methodologies and even proprietary systems to protect the businesses of the companies we work with. These developments come from experiencing most of the possible situations you could imagine. Wouldn’t you rather have this experience on your side, protecting the time, effort and money that’s been invested in your business?

Sadly, system administration is often the weakest link of many online business. Thousands are invested in everything else and little (and sometimes nothing) is invested in protecting and managing that investment. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that nothing can happen to your business, even if you’ve been online for months or years without any incident. If you’re online long enough something will happen. Be ready for when it does!

Protect your business today, make system administration an integral part of your business. Get in touch today.

Reliable web hosting

reliable web hostingWeb hosting is currently only available to development clients. Because of our custom server setup, we’ve decided it’s best to restrict our hosting services to existing clients where they have been coded to work with our servers. This way, we can provide better attention to client needs and don’t expose them to unnecessary risks caused by users unknowingly installing dangerous scripts that can often put everyone in the system in peril, an issue commonly found with the shared web hosts of today.

That said, we do have a public hosting service in the works that we think is much better than any hosting setup currently available. It’s top secret stuff so we could tell you more… but then we’d have to… well you know. :)

In the meantime we do have an excellent recommendation. Having been in this field for over a decade, we’ve seen our fair share of data centers, hosting providers and servers. There’s only really one we’ve found that live up to expectations of what a web host should be. These guys are simply awesome, and if you’re serious about your online business, then choosing a quality web host should not be a decision you make lightly. Go for the cheapest and you often get what you paid for. Please take advantage of our years of experience and trust us, you will NOT be disappointed by the level of service these people provide. They’re simply the best, plain and simple. Check out LiquidWeb Today!

Existing clients can host their site reliably with us for only $10.00 per month or $100.00 per year for a package that includes everything you need to get started, but that can also grow with you as you grow your business.

Existing clients, click here to setup or manage your hosting account!

$9.97 domain names

$9.49 domain namesWe provide excellent prices for registering your domain name. What more needs to be said? Compare our prices with others and see for yourself! Register the most popular extensions for only $9.49 per year (.com, .net, .org, .info, and so forth).

Click here to register or manage your domain name.

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