Founded 18 years ago in Canada, today e4WebSolutions also has offices in the Philippines and China. We help businesses bridge gaps and grow through web systems. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and talented individuals. To become the best, we have the best people. Here is a small part of our team:


Management Team:

Franco Frenette

President & CEO

A.K.A. The Chess Wiz

Franco has over 16 years experience developing web presences. He started building websites the very first day he got a computer and has never stopped since. He has coding, design and infrastructure knowledge which he uses to help navigate the team to completion of small and large projects.

When he’s not busy pestering people in the office, you can find him giving people headaches over the chess board or in the gym in his futile life-long attempt at seeing what his abs look like. Perhaps eating less cheese burgers would help.

Jessica dela Rosa

VP of Business Development

a.k.a The Biz Doctor

Over 7 years of working in various industry and businesses; back-end to front-end, making her literally all-over the place but never dazed nor confused. On the other hand, if you’re the one confused and psychologist is not what you need then she could be your girl. This doctor is always IN and sure will help you treat your SALES-icitis ‘aka your business number problems’.

Robert Steinberg

Senior Lead Programmer

A.K.A. The Coding Monk

Bob has over 28 years experience in the IT field. He was the first employee to join Franco over 15 years ago but before then, he also worked with one of the first highly automated stock market firms in the 80’s and has held a variety of different software programming and networking jobs.

Bob’s genius is indispensable in all our projects, particularly the larger ones with complex back-end requirements.

When he’s not working, he’s working. But if we force him not to work, then no one knows what he does. Since he’s a coding monk, maybe he’s solving coding challenges in distant galaxies with his mind or something.

Nannette Catapusan

VP of Finance

A.K.A. Busy Bee

Nanette is a certified public accountant and has been working for 36 years. Known to be a workaholic. Always busy at work, at home and in Church.

She also loves belly dancing but only in her dreams.