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We’re growing so we’re looking for talented geeks to join us!

We’re looking for:

-VAs (virtual assistants.)
-SEO experts.
-HTML / CSS experts
-Graphic Designers
-PHP programmers
-System administrators

We want to hear from you! You should have years of experience on the web. Strong preference will be given to WordPress lovers. You should have worked with WordPress before and know it well. If you’re a programmer, you should have at least built new plugins and modified some existing ones.

You should:

-Have at least 3 years experience.
-Have excellent english communication.
-Have excellent and reliable internet connection and equipment.
-Be trusthworthy, dependable and reliable.
-Be able to work under deadlines.
-Provide clean documented code (Programmers).
-Should be willing to start part time but looking forward to full time work. So preference would be given to someone who does this full time and not just as a part time thing.
-You should live and breath programming and dream in code :) (Programmers).
-Be driven to impress and always strive to exceed expectations.
-Grasp concepts quickly and not afraid to ask questions until the projects are 100% clear.

Considered assets for programmers:

-Good experience with open source scripts, namely WordPress.
-Coding experience using AJAX (and anything else you have experience with).
-Not necessary but if you have some good design skills too, that’s always a plus (if you can make your work look good and not need too much work for a designer to “pretty” up afterwards. Things like using icons and headlines, laying out things in an aesthetically pleasing way).

How to apply:

Contact us with any of the following that you can provide (if available) as well as anything extra that you think will make you stand out.

-Your website
-Porfolio / examples of work
-Explain what you’re good at, what you enjoy and why you love programming.
-Your hourly rate.

Description of yourself, desired rates, education, ambitions, goals, etc. So that we can get to know you.

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